Definition of Swark = Swarks are Codemate’s software architects. As individuals they are: smart, funny, social and humble. Always willing to learn & guide. Programmers to the core.


We are looking for new Software Architects to our Oulu office.

Our architects are software developers who are genuinely interested in programming and software development. They have been working in wide variety of software projects and have experience from different software technologies. Architects are master minds who design our software projects as a whole.

Our customer projects are focused on web systems, mobile applications and IoT. The following are used in our software projects: NodeJS, Golang, Ruby, Python, Java, React, AngularJS, AWS, etc. We hope that your skillset is not limited only to one technology or system part.

What we have to offer

Challenging software projects and varying tasks. In addition to programming and designing software architecture you have a significant role in sales support and working with the customers.

Always so famous: freedom and responsibilities. We trust in your skills. You get to make technology and architecture choices for our projects and participate in developing them.

Possibility to learn new skills, expand your repertoire and challenge yourself. We help each other, share what we have learned, have lively conversations and dare to disagree with each other.

Family-like community. The magic is done with your fellow Mates @Codemate office. With us you can be yourself. Open communication, bad sense of humor and catchy laugh are valued, but not necessary.