Our software architects s are our master minds when designing our software projects as a whole. They are programmers to the core. In addition to programming and designing software architecture they have a significant role in sales support and working with the customers.

You could be our next sw architect, if you

  • are experienced software developer who is genuinely interested in programming, software development and learning.
  • have been working in wide variety of software projects and have experience from different software technologies.
  • can work together with customers. The more you understand customer's business goals the better.

Our projects are focused on web systems, mobile applications and IoT, so experience from these are a benefit. The following are used in our software projects: NodeJS, Golang, Ruby, Python, Java, React, AngularJS, AWS, etc. We hope that your skillset is not limited only to one technology or system part.

More than just a job

We think work should be fun & enjoyable. This “fun & enjoyable” can be (and most likely is) different for everyone. We think that the basis is created with interesting projects and good working atmosphere. Besides working together we do a lot other stuff like sports & other activities, events and parties.

Here are some characteristics about us:

  • You can make an impact. You get to make decisions during projects together with your teammates and also individually. And bureaucracy and useless meetings are something we avoid.
  • You are not alone.We work mainly from our own offices(Oulu, Helsinki & Bangkok). We help each other and dare to ask for help. We talk freely and share information.
  • We have flat organization and we avoid bureaucracy. We think that freedom & responsibilities go hand in hand, we don't have people telling you how to do your daily work.
  • We laugh a lot and some might say that a bad sense of humor is an advantage with us! Humor is a difficult art form, and we have set the bar low enough.