“We want more!”

This is a daily call in Codemate when talking about the numbers of Full Stack Developers.

You can be our future Star-Lord if you have a bad sense of humour, good programming skills and you are always hungry for more when talking about learning new skills.

At the moment we are working a lot with these:

  • Node, Go, Ruby, Python, Java

  • React, AngularJs, Bootstrap


But the development is fast, and we don’t mind if you excel in other technologies also. The more the merrier! You are an excellent candidate for us if you are an enthusiastic programmer who lives and breathes program code, and wants to learn new things every day.

[To be honest: we don't want to force you into some specific role. Pick your superhero or create your own alter ego]

Are you our new Mate?

We think that it is essential to have fun and one can also choose where to work :) You can recognise you inner Codematian from these:

  • Programming is something that you love to do! And you think that you are at best when programming

  • You are rather direct that too diplomatic

  • You know that learning never ends and you want to become even better at what you do

  • You know how to have fun and you have somewhat bad sense of humour

We love programming, technology and doing things together. We appreciate open communication, both with each other and with the customers. We work mainly in our own offices, which makes working and sharing information easier. We offer a wide variety of benefits, plenty of good moments and a competitive salary.