We are looking for Full Stack developers to our offices in Helsinki and Oulu

Are you into programming and web development? Like really really into? Do you also enjoy learning new technologies and working in a relaxed atmosphere? Great, we are looking for new workmates. People who share our passion towards technologies and programming.

Our developers are also (m)anystackers, which simply means that they

  • are able to program with more than one language or technology (=manystacker)
  • don’t want to get stuck with one language or technology, and actually likes variation in projects and is always eager to learn (=anystacker)


We think that skills cannot be measured only with years of work experience and the amount of certifications. We know that skills can be forged also outside the traditional work and learning environments. Our expectations is that you

  • have experience from web development. The experience can be from work and personal projects
  • enjoy programming
  • follow what’s happening in the world of web development
  • want to learn and apply what they have learned
  • want to focus on doing what they do best (which we hope is mainly programming)

Why the vague-sounding requirements?

Because there isn’t one set of technologies that we are working with. We choose technologies according to the customer needs. We still value comprehensive understanding of developing web systems, we just don’t specify 1) what kind of programming languages you need to master 2) where you have obtained your knowledge.

We choose technologies according to the customer needs. We work e.g. with React, Elm, Ruby, Go, Node.js, Python, (and sometimes also with Java and PHP because there has to be something for everyone) and AWS. We learn new when needed and work in teams, no one needs to be the master of everything.

More than just a job

We create state-of-art web and mobile solutions for our business customers. There are already close to 100 of us and counting. We are working mainly from our own offices (Helsinki, Oulu, Bangkok)

We think work should be fun & enjoyable. This “fun & enjoyable” can be (and most likely is) different for everyone. We think that the basis is created with interesting projects and good working atmosphere. Besides working together we do a lot other stuff like sports & other activities, events and parties.

Here are some characteristics about us:

  • You can make an impact. You get to make decisions during projects together with your teammates and also individually. And bureaucracy and useless meetings are something we avoid.
  • You are not alone. We help each other and dare to ask for help. We talk freely and share information.
  • We laugh a lot and some might say that a bad sense of humour is an advantage with us! Humour is a difficult art form, and we have set the bar low enough.